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    Sarah Seleznyov, Director

    Sarah Seleznyov,


    Sarah Seleznyov has worked in London schools for over 25 years. She has been a Deputy Head, a School Improvement Consultant and still works as a School Improvement Partner. Before leading the alliance, she worked at The London Centre for Leadership in Learning, UCL Institute of Education, where she designed and led a range of research-informed programmes for school leaders and teacher enquiry projects. She also acted as a facilitator on the National Professional Qualification for Executive Leaders.

    During her career, Sarah has also worked for the Fischer Family Trust and the National Literacy Trust. She is a specialist maths tutor on the Cognitive Acceleration research project based at King’s College University www.letsthink.org.uk.

    Sarah’s research specialism is Japanese lesson study, and she has published widely on the use of lesson study outside Japan. She is a member of the Collaborative Lesson Research UK group.


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    Kate McCole, Programmes Manager

    Kate McCole,

    Programmes Manager

    Kate McCole is an experienced programme manager. Before joining the alliance, she worked at Ambition Institute (formerly the Future Leaders Trust), overseeing the delivery of leadership development programmes for school and MAT leaders. Kate has also worked in a number of education-focused roles both in and outside of the UK.

    Kate is the operational lead for the alliance, overseeing the management and delivery of all London South TSA’s programmes and supporting the alliance’s network of member schools. Kate works closely with our Director to shape the strategic development of the alliance and acts as a key point of contact for external partners.

    Nadera McKenzie, Administrator

    Nadera McKenzie,


    Nadera McKenzie supports with programme and membership administration at the alliance. This includes organising the alliance calendar, preparing resources, communicating with teachers and schools and responding to queries.

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