Securing the best teaching and leadership talent for Southwark – next steps

In November, Southwark Teaching School Alliance hosted an event for headteachers examining the challenges around recruitment and retention and opportunities to work together to address them. While there are few quick fixes, there were several actions identified that will help build a sustainable pipeline of teachers and leaders for our schools.

In a follow-up conversation with Southwark Council we agreed the following next steps and opportunities for you to get involved:

  • Southwark Council is developing a Southwark recruitment portal on its website which will:
    • Sell the benefits of living and working in Southwark, including cycle scheme, rent deposit scheme, leisure and cultural opportunities etc.
    • Advice and support for prospective applicants – e.g. how to create a strong CV
    • Potentially offer the facility for Southwark schools to post vacancy and secondment opportunities
  • The Council would like schools’ input as the portal is developed and anyone interested in contributing should contact Cara Cahill.
  • Southwark Council will continue to promote teaching in Southwark at HEI recruitment fairs, with the opportunity for schools to send along promotional materials, information about vacancies and representatives.
  • Southwark Council is continuing to talk to members about making more affordable housing available for teachers. Schools could reinforce this message by lobbying their local councillors.
  • Southwark Teaching School Alliance will continue to offer Schools Direct as a route into teaching in Southwark. The more schools that get involved with this work, the more training places we will be able to secure and the better the supply of Southwark-grown teachers, so schools are urged to consider joining one of our two Schools Direct partnerships led by John Donne (salaried scheme) and Crampton (non-salaried scheme).
  • Southwark Teaching School Alliance will also explore what more it can do to support career progression within the borough to support retention, including by giving middle and senior leaders the chance to be recognised as Specialist Leaders of Education and by working with HEI partners to offer a Southwark Masters qualification.
  • Southwark Council is exploring the possibility of hosting a big recruitment event, hosted in one of Southwark’s iconic spaces, in autumn 2017 to sell teaching in Southwark. The Council would like school input into the shape of this event and to the event itself. Southwark Teaching School Alliance will contribute to both.

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