Building a brighter future: Maximising shared potential

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Sarah Seleznyov as Director of Southwark Teaching School Alliance. Here, in her own words, she shares a bit about herself and why she’s excited be joining us on 1 March:

“I began my career around 25 years ago, in a London classroom very much like the ones in Southwark. It was a challenge meeting the needs of a diverse range of children, with different home languages, different family contexts, and many living in very challenging circumstances. I loved it, and I stayed, and I haven’t left London schools since.

“I am passionate about the right of every pupil to enjoy their education and to be successful. I believe that with the right support, every pupil can grow into an adult who is able to make informed choices about the kind of life they want to have. I have pursued this aim throughout my teaching career, a career which has led me from the classroom, to school leadership, to school improvement work, to working for a national literacy charity, to a mathematics research project with King’s College University, and finally to my role at UCL Institute of Education. Throughout this journey, I have met many practitioners and leaders who are as passionate as I am about this goal, including those I have met as part of my recent work with Southwark schools.

“For this reason, I am excited to be taking up the post of Director of the Southwark Teaching School Alliance. This is an opportunity for me to spend more time in some excellent schools working in challenging circumstances, more time in the classroom with highly skilled and committed practitioners, and more time with pupils who are going places and have so much to offer to future society.

“Schools are increasingly under pressure to do more with less, and quicker. For me, key to working within this ever-changing, challenging context and to making a real difference to the lives of London pupils is collaboration: working towards a shared vision of how learning could be and should be. In such an environment, schools need to hold on to what they believe, making use of evidence about what works to generate home grown solutions to their own unique problems of practice. I believe this intention should act as a road map for the future work of the alliance.

“I am keen for the alliance to continue to grow and reach out to new partners, the early years, primary, secondary and special schools within Southwark, and schools and alliances beyond Southwark. I want to support practitioners within the alliance schools to continue to develop their skills as leaders of learning, both within their own schools and across schools. I want our pupils, and pupils beyond our schools to benefit directly from the professional development we offer, and to go beyond what they thought was possible.

“I look forward to meeting you all and listening to your goals and dreams for the alliance as it moves into its next phase.”