• LondonEd: A research conference for London schools

    LondonEd: A research conference for London schools

    This conference was a collaborative project led by: The Association for the Study of Primary Education (ASPE), the four London Research Schools, Rathfern Primary (Chartered College Hub, and UCL Institute of Education’s Research and Development Network.

    London is one of the most innovative and forward thinking places to be educated in the country and this conference celebrates the strength and power of the teacher research movement across the city. Teacher researchers showcase their research findings about pedagogical questions using a range of research methodologies. Leading academic researchers showcase their findings and open up a dialogue about the implications for practice in schools. The venue for this conference was generously donated by the Greater London Authority.

    • 2020 date: 5 July 2019
    • Location: City Hall, The Queen’s Walk, London SE1 2AA

    Information about last year’s conference can be found below.

    LondonEd 2019: Download the full conference agenda here

    2019 session slides

    Times Session Speakers
    10:00-11:00 Keynote Lee Elliot Major, Professor of Social Mobility, University of Exeter
    11.15-12.20 Morning sessions
    Detail and the Bigger Picture: research with schools and Tate Anna Cutler, Director, Learning and Research, Tate
    Feedback for learning – understanding the perspectives of pupils who struggle to learn using feedback Dr. Ruth Dann, Associate Professor,
    UCL Institute of Education

    What happened next A Teaching School tries to make a system wide improvement to children’s early communication Dr. Julian Grenier, Headteacher, Sheringham Nursery School and Children’s Centre>
    Comparative judgement how do teachers make decisions about primary writing? Daisy Christodoulou, Director of Education, No More Marking
    Mixed attainment teaching, setting and grouping by attainment Jeremy Hodgen, Professor of Mathematics Education, UCL Institute of Education

    The value of Research Informed Peer Reviews
    Dr. Kulvarn Atwal, Executive Headteacher, Highlands Primary School and Redbridge Primary School
    Dr. David Godfrey, Lecturer in Education, Leadership and Management, UCL Institute of Education
    Mrs Sandeep Kaur, Associate Headteacher, Highlands Primary School

    Impact evaluations – a better way of sharing best practice? Dr. Alicia Shaw, Research Schools Facilitator, Institute for Effective Education

    Teaching critical thinking and metacognition through philosophy in schools
    Naheeda Maharasingam, Headteacher, Rathfern Primary School
    Emma Worley, Co-CEO & Co-Founder The Philosophy Foundation

    ReflectED: An Approach to Teaching Metacognition in the Primary Classroom Jonny Davies, Deputy Headteacher, Grove Road Primary School Harrogate
    Justine Paton, Rosendale Research School Lead
    13.20-14.25 Afternoon sessions
    Schools matter but they don’t make a difference – a look at the genetic claims of Robert Plomin Professor Gordon Stobart, Emeritus Professor of Education, UCL Institute of Education
    Inclusive pedagogy: a more sustainable approach to deeper knowledge and engagement
    Margaret Mulholland, Director of Development & Research, Swiss Cottage School

    Enhancing Dialogic Learning and Teaching with T SEDA: The Teacher Scheme for Educational Dialogue Analysis Ruth Kershner, Lecturer, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge
    Danielle Sullivan, Teacher, Brindishe Green Primary School
    Supporting teachers’ professional agency and professional career development through engagement with research and inquiry led practice Professor Lesley Saunders
    David Weston, CEO, Teacher Development Trust

    Lessons learnt from Lesson Study

    Sarah Seleznyov, Director, London South Teaching School Alliance
    Paul Foster, Senior Vice Principal, Hayes School

    Creating capacity for research informed innovation Daniel Mansfield: Director, The Tapscott Learning Trust Training Hub
    Mark Quinn, Programme Leader, UCL Institute of Education

    Autism: Researching Practice – funded by The Laurel Trust

    Jack Gibbs, Assistant Headteacher, Redriff Primary School
    Robert Paul, Teacher, Charles Dickens Primary School
    How can technology support research informed teaching & learning strategies? Christian Turton, co-director, London Connected Learning Centre