• About School Direct

    About School Direct

    What subjects and age phases will I be working with?

    Training with the John Donne School Direct Partnership covers all National Curriculum subjects with the focus on the core subjects: English, Mathematics and Science. You have the choice to choose between the following age phases:

    • Foundation stage /Key stage 1 – 3-7 year olds
    • Key stage 1/Key stage 2 – 5-11 year old
    • Key stage 2 – 7-11 year olds

    What qualification will I receive?

    Once you have successfully completed the course you will be awarded a PGCE with 60 master’s credits and QTS by Goldsmiths University.

    Where will I work?

    Our programme is a school-based model of teacher training where you learn on the job. You will be placed in one of our 25 partner schools, working amongst experienced teachers.

    How is the course structured?

    The course is completed in one academic year, beginning in September and ending in July. During the year you will spend the vast majority of time at one of our partner schools, known as your ‘home school’. You will also have a second shorter placement at an alternative school within the partnership, and spend approximately 40 days at Goldsmiths University across the year. You will attend six additional curriculum studies day that are run by schools within the partnership, an opportunity to see a range of good practice in different settings.

    What support is available for me?

    Our programme is designed to cater for individual needs, including teaching skills, subject knowledge or other aspects of professional practice. You will receive support from class teachers, your school mentor, other experienced mentors within the partnership and Goldsmiths University.

    Class teacher – It is normal practice for trainees to be in class with a class teacher. The class teacher will provide the day-to-day support with planning, classroom management, assessment and more.

    School mentor – Your school mentor will be a senior member of staff who has extensive experience in teaching and learning, and will provide formal, school-wide support in your school.

    Experienced partnership mentors – The partnership has a number of experienced mentors who can provide an additional formal layer of support if needed. They can either support you directly or the class teacher/school mentor where appropriate.