• Take on a Teach First trainee

    Take on a Teach First trainee

    We are pleased to partner with Teach First to place trainees in primary or secondary schools.

    Teach First take into account the context of each school and the difficulties your pupils face when recruiting trainees to ensure that your trainee has the strengths and subject expertise your school needs.

    Some benefits of recruiting trainees through Teach First include:

    • Saving on recruitment costs as you won’t need to deal with job ads or recruitment agencies.
    • Bringing outstanding teachers into your school. Teach First have been developing teachers with the attributes to help young people from low income backgrounds for more than 15 years. Experience, combined with evidence from across the globe about how pupils and teachers learn best, is why their training programme is rated outstanding by Ofsted.
    • Trainees come from a variety of social and ethnic backgrounds and bring a range of different skills, talent and motivation to make a difference.
    • The vast majority of trainees (83% in 2019) remain in teaching after their two years on the Teach First training programme. After three years trainees are twice as likely to be teaching in low-income areas as those from other training routes.

    Teach First support schools that teach a high number of pupils from low-income backgrounds. They use the Income Deprivation Affecting Children Index (IDACI) and Achieving Excellence Areas (AEA) measures to identify this. They focus on schools that meet one of these criteria:

    • An IDACI of 40 or greater (40% of pupils live in the three most deprived deciles)
    • An IDACI of 35 to 40 and an AEA score of 4 to 6
    • An IDACI of 30 to 35 and an AEA score of 5 or 6
    • An IDACI of 25 to 30 and an AEA score of 6

    Find out more about eligibility and the benefits of hiring a School Direct trainee through Teach First by visiting their website.