• Take on a Trainee

    Take on a Trainee

    The DfE have removed the funding for the primary School Direct salaried route. The John Donne Partnership is offering an unsalaried route for 2021/22 and we are looking for schools to join the partnership. Details about the course are included below.

    If you are interested in having an unsalaried School Direct trainee next year or would like to find out more information about it, please contact schooldirect@jdacademy.org.uk.


    • The John Donne Partnership works in partnership with Goldsmiths University of London to provide the School Direct route into teaching
    • It is a school-based route with academic study leading to the award of a PGCE with QTS
    • Trainees are based in a school for the academic year, with a placement in an alternative school within the partnership for one half term
    • The trainees have approximately 40 days at Goldsmiths spread across the year and six additional professional studies days that are run by the partnership
    • Trainees are students of Goldsmiths College, and are not employed by the school in which they are placed (unlike the Salaried route where they were employed by the school)
    • The trainee has to pay their university fees (£9,250) and can access student finance

    Bursary support

    If you have a potential School Direct trainee already working in your school and would like to support them financially to complete School Direct, please contact Cat Shuttleworth, Deputy Head at John Donne, for more information about bursaries available.

    Unsalaried school direct student with bursary 2021/22

    • Trainee takes out student finance for fees
    • A bursary is given by the school to support with living costs, eg 10 bursary payments of £1600 per month paid in arrears to the student.

    Total cost to school – £16,000

    NB: The cost of a salaried School Direct student in previous years was £25,495

    (Salary to School Direct student with on costs £30,145 (unqualified 1) minus £4,650 from School Direct funding = £25,495 total cost to school)

    Unsalaried school direct student with no bursary 2021/22

    • Trainee takes out student finance for fees and living costs

    Total cost to school – £0