• Take on a Trainee

    Take on a Trainee


    If you take on a School Direct trainee you become a partner school. Partner schools are part of a network of schools which are involved in the partnership in any given year, by employing or hosting a trainee in their school. Partner schools are encouraged to be as involved as they wish to be during the recruitment process, taking part in interviews if possible.

    What’s involved

    Partner schools agree to:

    • Indicate the number of salaried and training route places that they require for each year.
    • Inform the lead school of any applications from employees already at the school that they wish to support.
    • Be willing to host open sessions to give prospective applicants information about the programme.
    • Engage with the recruitment process including hosting interview days.
    • Meet prospective trainees once their applications are successful.
    • Ensure that trainees meet the employment requirements and are fit to train (DBS, health check etc.) and complete Goldsmiths documentation to confirm that these requirements have been met. See Appendix C: Fitness to Train Form
    • Issue contracts of employment for their salaried trainees.
    • Provide an appropriate setting for the training and development of the trainee(s) in the school.
    • Have appropriate support structures in place for trainees (see Section 5).
    • Ensure that class teachers and mentors have received the appropriate training to support the trainees in school.
    • Send a representative to partnership meetings.

    This list is not exhaustive.

    Why School Direct? Why the John Donne Partnership?

    Having considered a number of ITT routes, we have chosen to offer the School Direct salaried training route. School Direct actively promotes a model of ‘growing your own’ teachers, as it is uniquely suited to supporting Teaching Assistants/support staff to gain QTS. For this reason, School Direct is often a more sustainable model of teacher recruitment and retention than other available routes. As well as those members of staff who become trainees, School Direct creates development opportunities for senior members of staff within your school, who might either work alongside a trainee (giving them significant extra capacity to develop their role within the school) or as a trained school mentor, providing formal, school-wide support for trainees in your school.

    We have been successfully training primary teachers for schools in and beyond Southwark since 2013 and we are confident in the quality of the NQTs this training route develops. We are also very confident in the quality of the HEI we work alongside to deliver this training, Goldsmiths, University of London. Goldsmiths is a leading institution in the field of teacher training and we continue to be particularly impressed by the depth of support they offer to their students and the quality of their PGCE programme, which features Michael Rosen’s work on Children’s Literature.

    What does it cost to employ a School Direct trainee?

    Each salaried trainee brings funding from the DfE towards the cost of their training. For 2019-2020 this funding has been set at £11,400 for the year for Inner London Schools.

    • Tuition fees of £6,160 is payable to Goldsmiths College.
    • An administration fee of £500 is payable to John Donne Primary School.
    • Total funding to be disbursed to schools is £4,740.

    Funding is received by the lead school in monthly installments and is disbursed to schools in two installments. Schools should send an invoice to accounts@jdacademy.org.uk by the end of the autumn term and the beginning of the summer term to ensure that they receive their funds at the appropriate times. The first invoice should be for the amount of £1,580 and the second should be for £3,160.

    Interested in taking on a School Direct trainee?

    If you would like to take on a school direct trainee or would like to find out more information, get in touch by contacting us on info@londonsouthtsa.org.uk