• Strategic Partnership

    Strategic Partnership

    Strategic Partners agree to commit to the work of the alliance by offering either time or a financial contribution:


    • time to the equivalent of £1000, for example five days of a teacher’s time at £200 per day or just over 3 days of a senior leader/ SLE’s time at £300 per day or two and a half days of a headteacher’s time at £400 per day;
    • leading 3 days worth of professional development sessions (including planning time) for which we will advertise, recruit and bill participants with a profit split of 60% school, 40% alliance;
    • a combination of the above.

    In addition, Strategic Partners commit to sending a representative to at least one of the below working groups for the alliance:

    • ITT Working Group
    • CPD Working Group
    • Research Working Group
    • School-to-school Support Working Group

    NB Should Strategic Partners wish to offer professional development sessions in excess of their commitment as detailed above, the split will then be 80% school, 20% alliance.