• Art Skills for Teachers

    Art Skills for Teachers

    So accessible, plenty of ideas where the finished products are made by children and their own creations

    2018-19 participant


    This one day programme offers an exciting practical introduction to art skills that will enhance creativity in your school. The programme will enable you to learn techniques that can be adapted to suit topic subjects across each year group, culminating in fantastic displays that will inspire children and look amazing and raise the status of the subject in your school. You will learn how to boost creativity with basic and more advanced techniques to inspire your children to think more creatively.

    Who is the programme for?

    The programme is suitable for primary-level art teachers and subject leaders

    What is involved?

    This one day programme covers a range of techniques to enhance children’s discovery and expand their knowledge of what is possible using simple, cheap materials, including:

    • Willow and tissue sculpture
    • Plaster casting
    • Clay techniques
    • Water-colour
    • Drawing skills
    • Origami
    • Paper structures using nuts and bolts!
    • Other 2D techniques including imaginative uses of photocopying

    You will experience a range of exciting techniques, be shown lots of examples of pupil outcomes and be supplied with materials and a thorough resource-pack that will include materials suppliers.

    Session details

    The programme is led by artist Sara Byers.

    Date: TBC
    Time: 9am-3:30pm
    Location: TBC

    Sign up and cost

    Register to join this programme here.

    Price: £130
    Members receive a 20% discount