• Developing SEND Provision

    Developing SEND Provision


    This programme aims to support SEND Leaders in primary and secondary schools to explore and find solutions to the current challenges they face.

    What is involved?

    The programme begins with an introductory twilight led by an experienced SEND Specialist Leader in Education (SLE), at which participants will explore the challenges they are currently facing in their roles. Each SEND Leader will decide on a personal area of focus and use this focus to decide on a number of possible visits to special schools, mainstream schools with specialist units, and Outstanding schools with strong SEND provision.

    SEND Leaders then attend two of the six school visits available at which they will observe classroom practice and have the opportunity to discuss systems and procedures with the school SENDCo. These visits will be led by the SEND SLE, who will host structured discussions at the end of each half day visit to draw out learning.

    Participants will then attend a review day led by the SEND SLE at which they will share learning from their visits and decide on next steps for their own schools, creating an action plan for each participating school.

    Who is the programme for?

    This programme is for SEND Leaders in primary and secondary schools.

    Session details

    Session One (twilight):
    Date: Thursday 14 January 2021

    • What current challenges do you face in your setting?
    • What might the focus for your school visits be?
    • Which schools do you plan to visit?

    Between sessions one and two, participants will then visit at least two schools to observe effective SEND practices.

    School Visits:

    • Dunraven Secondary School: Friday 29 January 2021
    • Spa School: Thursday 4 February 2021
    • Redriff Primary School: Wednesday 10 February 2021
    • Cherry Gardens Primary School: Tuesday 16 March 2021
    • Glenbrook Primary School: Tuesday 23 March 2021
    • Bacons College: Wednesday 30 March 2021

    Session Two (full day):
    Date: Thursday 22 April 2021

    • Reviewing the school visits – what was our learning?
    • What will our next steps be as a school?

    Sign up and cost

    Register to join our 2020-21 cohort here.

    Price: £300
    Alliance and Challenge Partners members: £200