• Senior Leaders Professional Development

    Senior Leaders Professional Development

    During our Treating Teachers with Respect session Martin Mills, UCL Institute of Education will explore how a lack of respect in the context of contemporary views of the ‘ideal teacher’. He will explore how a lack of respect is damaging to the teaching profession, and that such a lack is increasingly evident in the ways teachers are currently being constructed by policy. The session will enable senior leaders to consider:

    • How best to buffer their own staff from a policy climate in which there is a lack of ‘respect’ for the teaching profession
    • The extent to which their schools’ own systems and cultures respect teachers as autonomous professionals;
    • Practical strategies which can be taken to ensure teachers feel respected and which might enable better wellbeing for staff

    This session is free of charge, but you must express your interest in attending.

    Future session dates

    Theme: TBC
    Date: Tuesday 8 June 2019
    Time: 8:30-10am
    Speaker: TBC