• Languages for Primary Pupils

    Languages for Primary Pupils


    This one-day programme shares a variety of good practice, resources and pedagogical approaches to teaching languages that will motivate primary pupils and develop their language skills.

    Who is the programme for?

    This is an ideal programme for new MFL leaders and teachers who teach a foreign language.

    What is involved?

    The one day session will explore:

    • How to ensure excellent language provision
    • How learning a language can support wider cognitive development
    • How to structure a primary MFL lesson for pupils in different key stages
    • What resources are available to support the teaching of MFL
    • Games, songs and other interactive approaches to teaching MFL
    • Where to get further support and guidance on teaching and learning in MFL

    Session details

    The programme is led by Lucile Faist, MFL lead, Charles Dickens Primary School.

    Date: 2020-21 session date to be added soon.

    Sign up and cost

    Register for this one day course here.

    Price: £130
    Members receive a 20% discount