• Let's Think Maths

    Let's Think Maths


    This programme builds on a research project funded by the IEE in 2018-19. It introduces teachers to the Let’s Think approach, guided activities for small groups designed to complement the maths curriculum and develop pupils’ mathematical reasoning. The
    activities move pupils progressively through more challenging aspects of six schemata of Piagetian concrete operations:
    1. seriation
    2. classification
    3. time sequence
    4. spatial perception
    5. causality
    6. rules of a game (combines two schemata: theory of mind and concrete modelling)

    The activities are talk-based, beginning with introducing key vocabulary, supporting children to use this to solve a practical problem, and ending with a metacognitive discussion. The activities support teachers to identify and unpick mathematical misconceptions, acting as assessment activities that support tailored teaching beyond Let’s Think.

    Both Ofsted (2011) and EEF (2018) have identified Let’s Think (previously known as Cognitive Acceleration in Maths Education, CAME) as an effective approach to mathematics teaching. Numerous research papers over thirty years have also demonstrated the positive
    effects of Let’s Think on pupils’ learning.

    Who is the programme for?

    This programme is aimed at Reception classteachers looking to develop their understanding of progression in mathematics and assessment skills.

    What is involved?

    The programme is comprised of a series of six face-to-face professional development sessions across an academic year, led by Sarah Seleznyov, an experienced Let’s Think Maths Tutor. Teachers will be introduced to the Vygotskian and Piagetian theory, the principles of Let’s Think activity design and the mathematical content and practicalities of a series of Let’s Think activities. Sessions will combine theory input, reflections on practice and ‘live teaching’ opportunities with Y1 pupils. Teachers will also receive a coaching visit in their own schools led by an experienced Let’s Think teacher, to provide early formative feedback and develop practice. Please note that participating teachers will also need to buy the Let’s Think resource pack at a discounted cost of £192.

    Programme lead:

    • Sarah Seleznyov. Director, London South Teaching School Alliance

    Session details

    Session One (full day):

    • Introduction to Let’s Think theory and principles
    • Exploring four activities

    Session Two (half day):

    • Understanding social construction
    • Exploring three activities

    Coaching visits to schools

    Session Three (full day):

    • Understanding concrete preparation
    • Exploring four activities

    Session Four (half day):

    • Understanding concrete preparation
    • Exploring three activities

    Session Five (half day):

    • Understanding concrete preparation
    • Exploring three activities

    Session Six (half day):

    • Understanding concrete preparation
    • Exploring three activities

    To express your interest in our 2019-20 cohort, please contact us at info@londonsouthtsa.org.uk