• New to Middle Leadership

    New to Middle Leadership

    I have found it very useful and relevant. It has put into perspective my strengths and weaknesses as a leader and how to address them

    2018-19 participant


    These four sessions are aimed at those new to middle leadership, in both subject and year group/phase leadership roles.

    What is involved?

    All sessions run from 3.30-5pm and are free for leaders at alliance partner and member schools. Participants must commit to attending all four sessions and gain the support of their headteachers so that they can arrive promptly for a 3.30pm start.

    Session details

    The session is led by Carl Vernalls, Deputy Headteacher, Southwark Park Primary & Stephen Fulton, Deputy Headteacher, St Joseph’s, The Borough Primary.

    Session 1 – Becoming a leader:

    • What does it mean to be a leader?
    • How can an understanding of leadership styles help me be a more effective leader?
    • What is my vision for my school?

    Session 2 – Implementing your vision:

    • What does the research tell us about successful implementation?
    • How can I plan to achieve my vision in my context?

    Session 3 – Moving forward together:

    • How do people respond to change?
    • How can powerful conversations help me achieve my goals?

    Session 4 – Managing yourself, managing your time:

    • How can I be more strategic with my time management?
    • How can I ensure I maintain my wellbeing whilst achieving my goals?

    Sign up and cost

    Register to join our 2019-20 cohort here.

    Price: £100
    Members receive a 20% discount