• Preparing for Literacy: Early Years Language Development

    Preparing for Literacy: Early Years Language Development


    Successfully developing children’s early communication and language skills is key to ensuring children succeed in reading, writing and across the curriculum. This course will allow you to explore the EEF recommendations, to understand the role of the adult in language development, see highly effective practice in action and explore a language-rich environment.

    What is involved?

    The course will take place over four two hour short morning sessions. Each session begins with an exploration of the evidence, followed by sharing of practical tools, and opportunities to observe effective practice in action and to explore a language-rich environment. Each session will take place in a different setting, allowing participants to experience a range of evidence-informed approaches.

    Who is the programme for?

    Early Years practitioners and leaders.

    Session details

    Session One:

    Date: Thursday 21 January 2021
    Theme: Development of Language and Communication.

    • Exploring how verbal language underpins literacy.
    • Strategies for high quality adult-child interaction.
    • Building a child’s vocabulary.
    • Supporting less verbal children.

    Session Two:

    Date: Thursday 4 February 2021
    Theme: Developing children’s capability and motivation to write.

    • Planning an engaging sequence of lessons around a high quality text.
    • Writing for an audience and a purpose.
    • Use of talk for writing, drama and scaffolds for writing (word banks, colourful semantics).
    • Developing an enabling environment to support writing.

    Session Three:

    Date: Thursday 25 February 2021

    Using high-quality assessment to ensure all children make good progress

    • Gathering purposeful data.
    • Formative assessment for learning and responding in the moment.
    • Monitoring the product and process of writing.

    Using high quality targeted support to help struggling children

    • Using data to identify the needs of children and targeting with research-based interventions.
    • Using the EEF toolkit.
    • Planning intervention: who should deliver interventions and when.

    Sign up and cost

    Register for our 2020-21 cohort here.

    Price: £180
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