• Researching Speech, Language and Communication

    Researching Speech, Language and Communication


    This participatory research project seeking to develop and enhance teacher professional development by engaging schools in designing, leading and implementing their own research project with a focus on pupils with Speech, Language and Communication difficulties.

    What is involved?

    Participants attend four full day sessions with a programme lead with research expertise and Practice Experts from two local schools with Speech, Language and Communication expertise. Participants will find out more about the existing research and knowledge base around pupils with such needs across different educational settings and work together to design and evaluate their own intervention with the aim of:

    • improving the experience and/or outcomes of one or more pupils in their school
    • increasing teacher understanding and awareness of the issues faced by these pupils.

    Participants will also have the opportunity to observe practice in mainstream schools with specialist teachers and/or excellent practice, and to receive a coaching visit from one of the Practice Experts. These visits aim to build confidence and enable a deep understanding of the focus pupils’ needs.

    Who is the programme for?

    Schools must send participants in pairs, ideally a SENDCo and a classteacher.

    Session details

    Session One (full day):
    Date: Friday 8 January 2021

    • What do we know about the experiences of pupils with Speech, Language and Communication needs and that of their parents in mainstream education?
    • Exploring the evidence base for Speech, Language and Communication needs: a review of recent research.
    • Which pupils do you want to make a difference to, and what would you want their learning and wellbeing to look like if the project were a success?
    • What tools can you use in your own schools to gather data on the learning and wellbeing of these students?

    Session Two (full day):
    Date: Friday 12 February 2021

    • What data have you gathered? What does it tell you? What more would you like to know?
    • Referring back to the research evidence, and aligning it with the data you have collected, what will your change to practice look like?
    • Practical resources you can access and use.

    Session Three (full day):
    Date: Wednesday 21 April 2021

    • Reviewing progress towards your goals – sharing successes and challenges.

    Session Four (full day):
    Date: Wednesday 30 June 2021

    • Preparing to gather your impact data
    • What do you want to capture and why?
    • Who do you want to share this with?
    • Drafting case studies.

    Programme leads: Sarah Seleznyov, Director, London South Teaching School Alliance and Emma Jones, Speech and Language Therapist

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    This programme will run from 2021-2022.

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    Cost: We are currently seeking full funding for this programme.