• SEND Lesson Study

    SEND Lesson Study

    All three sessions were extremely helpful and gave me lots of information to take away and share with my school

    2018-19 participant


    This programme builds on the alliance’s successful DfE-funded special-mainstream collaborative project which aimed to enable mutual learning from projects involving both special and mainstream staff. Five pairs of special and mainstream schools will be identified to participate in the project. Successful schools will get free places and 75% supply cover for the members of staff attending.

    What is involved?

    Mainstream and special teachers participating in the project will benefit from the opportunity to observe each other’s classrooms and to collaboratively plan and teach lessons in each others’ settings, using lesson study, a powerful Japanese approach to professional development.

    Special teachers should develop a better understanding of a particular area of the curriculum and mainstream teachers should learn how to better adjust curriculum teaching to meet the needs of special pupils.

    A final session brings together all participants in the project to share their learning and plan for next steps in their collaboration.

    Session details

    The programme is lead by:

    • Rory Dearlove, Lead Practitioner for Lesson Study, John Donne Primary School
    • Laura Watkins, Lead Practitioner for Lesson Study, Henry Cavendish Primary
    • Sarah Seleznyov, Director, London South Teaching School Alliance

    Session 1 (half day):
    Date: Wednesday 4 December 2019
    Time: 9am-12:30pm

    • What do we want from the collaboration, what can we offer?
    • What protocols can we agree for observing in each other’s classrooms?
    • Planning for classroom visits

    Classroom observations take place: one half day per participating teacher

    Session 2 (half day):
    Date: Thursday 12 December 2019
    Time: 9am-12:30pm

    • What did we see in each other’s classrooms and what did we learn?
    • What do we want to explore in our lesson studies? Deciding our research question
    • Planning for our first lesson

    School based session in the mainstream school (full day):

    • Exploring the evidence (twilight)
    • Planning the lesson (two separate half days)
    • Teaching and discussion the lesson (two separate half days)

    Session 3 (half day):
    Date: Thursday 11 June 2020
    Time: 9am-12:30pm

    • What was our learning and how do we plan to implement this in our own practice?
    • How can we collaborate for mutual learning in the future?

    Sign up and cost

    Registration for our 2019-20 cohort is now closed.