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    Evidence based – expert led, latest research


    The alliance strongly believes in the use of evidence to inform teaching and learning, and its professional development offer is based on this belief. Godfrey (2017) distinguishes between three approaches to engagement with research evidence for teachers:

    • ‘evidence-based practice’, a passive process in which teaching approaches are based on evidence about ‘what works’ that has been produced by academics;
    • ‘evidence-informed practice’, whereby teachers actively combine evidence from academic research, practitioner enquiry, such as lesson study or action research, and other school-level data;
    • and, ‘research-informed practice’, whereby teachers engage in and with academic and practitioner forms of research, using evidence from both to make changes to their practices.

    Our professional development offer focuses on the latter, as a process that both empowers teachers and improves pupil learning. We offer a range of funded and non-funded teacher enquiry projects, including Autism: Research Into Practice with UCL Centre for Inclusive Education, T-SEDA with University of Cambridge, and Lesson Study. We also offer a range of programmes that help teachers make sense of evidence from research and apply it into their own practice, for example our Exploring the Evidence.