• CoachBright Primary

    CoachBright Primary

    CoachBright have been working with secondary schools across and beyond London to provide academic coaching to FSM pupils, helping them become more independent and resilient, as well as improving their grades by four times as much as non-coached peers and demonstrating improved attitudes to learning. Expanding to work with primary schools, the CoachBright maths coaching programme supports high prior attaining Pupil Premium Year 6 pupils, ensuring they reach a higher standard in their SATs and leave KS2 with the confidence and metacognitive skills to excel at secondary school.

    This IEE-funded project has enabled small groups of pupils in six London schools to access this programme on a weekly basis, over a six-week period between March and May 2019. The project is a partnership between London South Teaching School Alliance, CoachBright and Learning by Questions, a classroom app filled with curriculum-aligned question sets and immediate feedback for pupils that is being used during the coaching sessions.

    This research seeks to explore the question: what effect will the CoachBright six-week maths coaching programme have on higher prior attaining Year 6 Pupil Premium pupils’ mathematical skills, confidence, motivation and attainment? It involves the six intervention schools and six control schools and aims to also determine whether the eight identified pupils in the control schools benefit from any additional intervention in maths teaching beyond usual classroom practice.

    You can view our final impact report here.

    Participating schools:

    • Brunswick Park Primary School
    • Eastfield Primary School
    • George Eliot Juniors School
    • Goose Green Primary School
    • Heber Primary School
    • Ivydale Primary School