• School Improvement Support

    School Improvement Support

    The school-to-school support we offer is wide-ranging, diverse and evidence-informed. It is always designed in collaboration with schools and their senior leaders and led by strong current practitioners from local schools. Some examples of previous support packages are below, but please contact us if you require a package with a different focus:

    • To raise expectations in Year 7, an experienced primary leader shared the KS2 test materials with secondary teachers, giving them an opportunity to tackle some sections of the tests themselves, thinking specifically about the level of challenge they pose, and giving an introduction to the structure of reading and writing lessons in Year 6. In a subsequent session, 20 Year 6 pupils visited the school and were interviewed by secondary teachers with their books, whilst the Year 6 teachers talked about curriculum, pedagogy, and learning and behaviour expectations.
    • Brokering visits for identified subject leaders in a developing school to meet with strong subject leaders in other schools, with wrap-around sessions led by an experienced facilitator to plan for and agree follow up work. The project supported the subject leaders to plan their next steps in developing the curriculum and helped them to design an audit tool to test the effectiveness of new schemes of work with teaching staff.
    • Hands-on support with planning and teaching for a teacher moving from KS2 into KS1 from an experienced KS1 classroom practitioner
    • One-to-one coaching for experienced middle leaders looking to take their next professional steps
    • A series of staff meetings seeking to explore teacher wellbeing, identify issues hindering wellbeing and plan for whole school next steps
    • Hand-on support with planning and teaching for an NQT in Early Years
    • Arranging for all year groups in the school to visit a strong year group team in a nearby school to identify good practice ideas for the teaching of writing, and support for senior leaders with planning a session to prepare for the visits and a series of evidence-informed follow up staff meetings around the teaching of writing
    • Leading a small research group with staff who are seeking to refine their teaching and learning, using the latest evidence from educational research
    • Leading a training session for Teaching Assistants on encouraging independence for pupils they support
    • Support for a new or struggling business manager to develop effective systems and processes